Saturday, June 27, 2009

Unit 2 lesson 1 until 4.....

On our last lesson,my lecturer taught us about working under pressure in unit 2.In this chapter,we learn about how to make a good conversation with other person either he/she is your patient or not.

Here some communication tips that can be used during conversation:
1)If you dont understand,dont hesitate to ask.A misunderstanding could cost life.
2)If the person speaking to quickly,immediately ask him/her to slow down.
3)As the person is speaking,repeat what is being said.The person will soon realize that if you are not understand.
4)Make the excuse that the line is bad and ask the person to speak a bit louder.He/She will usually speak slower as well.

New word!!..That what we got from our lecturer.For example the word edema.Not all the students know what is edema is.Edema is the swelling caused by excessive lymph fluid in the tissue.We also got the word that always been used in medical field like subcostal or the part that below the ribs and suprasternal or the part that located above the chest bone.

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