Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Life in Egypt!!!! Fun??or Frust??

1st impression about this place???
no comment at all..all we heard are BOOYAAA

Friday, July 3, 2009

Unit 3......lesson 1-6...

24th June,

On the last lesson,we already learn about how to communicate with patient and avoid to use active word toward patient.But on this unit it seems like that we have to know how to tell a patient about his or her disease...its called Breaking A Bad New..

Before I mention about the new or something, I would like to tell that we also learned about how to described a pain.Firstly, we have to described about the intensity of the pain or how bad the pain is.We can divided it into two group and that is severe pain and mild pain.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Unit 2 lesson 1 until 4.....

On our last lesson,my lecturer taught us about working under pressure in unit 2.In this chapter,we learn about how to make a good conversation with other person either he/she is your patient or not.

Here some communication tips that can be used during conversation:
1)If you dont understand,dont hesitate to ask.A misunderstanding could cost life.
2)If the person speaking to quickly,immediately ask him/her to slow down.
3)As the person is speaking,repeat what is being said.The person will soon realize that if you are not understand.
4)Make the excuse that the line is bad and ask the person to speak a bit louder.He/She will usually speak slower as well.

New word!!..That what we got from our lecturer.For example the word edema.Not all the students know what is edema is.Edema is the swelling caused by excessive lymph fluid in the tissue.We also got the word that always been used in medical field like subcostal or the part that below the ribs and suprasternal or the part that located above the chest bone.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My 1st english class-INTEC

27 May,

While our heart full of curiosity to know who will be our english lecturer,suddenly someone walk into class and introduce herself as Miss Adila..pergh I thought she is a model that just paid us a visit...haha...She's my english lecturer of course....

Anyway,today we,class MEG2 just do an ice breaking session because many of us still dont know each other well.But i'm so glad that I still in the same class with my former school member especially ali,rasul,herman and bird.Then miss Adila told us that we must prepared ourself for our new assignment because we only take a short course and we need to complete all the assignment within 3 months.So she encourage all of us to stay alert on what we have discuss in the class in order to pass with the flying colours.I hope that all our class member will show a good attitude and a nice efforts towards our english lesson because we need our lecturer bless in order to be one of the top scorer in our medical field.

Last but not least,i hope that all my classmate will succeed and achieve all the thing that they been dreamed.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Are you a Doctor??

On last wednesday class,we learn about how to dignosis the patient and how to communicate with the patient.There is several method that we learn in the class how to communicate with the patient.Firstly,ask the patient about his/her family background to make the patient feel comfort when he/she with you.Try not to talk directly about the disease,like `I guesss you really are suffer with your pain,but dont worry all disease have its own cure" the patient will feel like...`Its good for me to buried my own body than ask the doctor to treat me..".As a doctor,dont forget to smile because it will make the patient feel uncomfort.So I suggest that you have to give a smile eventhough that your in bad situation.Are all the doctor follow this procedure?or maybe its just a mask to cover the real doctor is?
The truth is,only the man with honour will show his true hidden capability to interact,sosialise and communicate with people and that man can be a real doctor.But for some reason,there is always has a complaint about the doctor that never concern about the patient.Urm.......its all depend on the doctor himself.

Presentation day......

All the class member separated into 5 group.Each group will represent base on the topic that they got from miss Dila.The 1st group are given Yoga as they topic to represent on this day.Yoga is one of the familiar exercise that mostly perform by chinese in our country.For the 2nd group,they coming with the idea about medicine murder.The next group is my group.We been given a task to explain about acupuncture,the one of the famous treatment method in chinese culture.Acupuncture is about inserting the filiform needle ar the certain point on the body to relief the pain on the patient.Next group explain to us about sangoma.As far as know that sangoma is familiar in african culture.
Its says that the sangoma is the one of the method to treat patient,but i consider that sangoma is one of the way to `call' a death.Last but not least the group that present about Taichi.This topic is quite interesting compare to the other 4 topic because Taichi is already known by most of the malaysian.Its a technique to release tension and make people calm with the meditation or maybe by the slow rythm movement.
At the end of the session,miss Dila told us that most of us have to improve the way to represent infront of the class and well prepare before starting the presentation.This help us to built our self confident when communicate with one another.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Final championship.....

Last night, we go out to watch EPL final between Man U and Barcelona.We already decided that who team lose in the game will treat us a drink.Unfortunately Man U loss against Barca with 0-2...huhuhu how disappointed am I when Man U loss the game..argh!!!The game end at 4.45 a.m...o I'm the one who have to spend my money for them...furthermore,in english classes with miss Dila,one of my lecturer also said that she's the one of the Barca fan...huhuhu I feel like I'm the only one that support for Man U last night.

Why did Man U loss????huahahaha!!!!