Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Presentation day......

All the class member separated into 5 group.Each group will represent base on the topic that they got from miss Dila.The 1st group are given Yoga as they topic to represent on this day.Yoga is one of the familiar exercise that mostly perform by chinese in our country.For the 2nd group,they coming with the idea about medicine murder.The next group is my group.We been given a task to explain about acupuncture,the one of the famous treatment method in chinese culture.Acupuncture is about inserting the filiform needle ar the certain point on the body to relief the pain on the patient.Next group explain to us about sangoma.As far as know that sangoma is familiar in african culture.
Its says that the sangoma is the one of the method to treat patient,but i consider that sangoma is one of the way to `call' a death.Last but not least the group that present about Taichi.This topic is quite interesting compare to the other 4 topic because Taichi is already known by most of the malaysian.Its a technique to release tension and make people calm with the meditation or maybe by the slow rythm movement.
At the end of the session,miss Dila told us that most of us have to improve the way to represent infront of the class and well prepare before starting the presentation.This help us to built our self confident when communicate with one another.

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