Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Are you a Doctor??

On last wednesday class,we learn about how to dignosis the patient and how to communicate with the patient.There is several method that we learn in the class how to communicate with the patient.Firstly,ask the patient about his/her family background to make the patient feel comfort when he/she with you.Try not to talk directly about the disease,like `I guesss you really are suffer with your pain,but dont worry all disease have its own cure" the patient will feel like...`Its good for me to buried my own body than ask the doctor to treat me..".As a doctor,dont forget to smile because it will make the patient feel uncomfort.So I suggest that you have to give a smile eventhough that your in bad situation.Are all the doctor follow this procedure?or maybe its just a mask to cover the real doctor is?
The truth is,only the man with honour will show his true hidden capability to interact,sosialise and communicate with people and that man can be a real doctor.But for some reason,there is always has a complaint about the doctor that never concern about the patient.Urm.......its all depend on the doctor himself.

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