Thursday, June 11, 2009

My 1st english class-INTEC

27 May,

While our heart full of curiosity to know who will be our english lecturer,suddenly someone walk into class and introduce herself as Miss Adila..pergh I thought she is a model that just paid us a visit...haha...She's my english lecturer of course....

Anyway,today we,class MEG2 just do an ice breaking session because many of us still dont know each other well.But i'm so glad that I still in the same class with my former school member especially ali,rasul,herman and bird.Then miss Adila told us that we must prepared ourself for our new assignment because we only take a short course and we need to complete all the assignment within 3 months.So she encourage all of us to stay alert on what we have discuss in the class in order to pass with the flying colours.I hope that all our class member will show a good attitude and a nice efforts towards our english lesson because we need our lecturer bless in order to be one of the top scorer in our medical field.

Last but not least,i hope that all my classmate will succeed and achieve all the thing that they been dreamed.

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